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What is common between a woman and a sale? What secrets does the speaker hide from his listeners? And also about tailed agronomists and imposing experts who destroy their own…

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Humor and the secrets of selecting a marketer

Victor Subbotin shares tips on how to find a professional marketer in the company: explains where to look for potential employees, how to determine their level of competence and control work
“The trouble is, since the shoemaker will start the pies, and the boots will stitch the pie” – Krylov I. A.

New bright companies are opening up, unusual and catchy brands appear, and competition in the jewelry market is growing. Now it’s not enough just to produce a good, high-quality product, marketing is actively entering the battle.

What will help your business rebuild from tens or hundreds of similar ones? How to bring to the forefront your advantage, which is far away from your competitors and which will be valuable to retail customers? What to do next when simply selling is already little or impossible? All these questions will be answered by a marketing specialist, whom you can easily pick up in your company after reading this article.

The first secret: determine which employee the company needs

Here you either know exactly and specifically which specialist you need and what problem he will solve with his work. Or you just feel that you need it, but don’t know how to get an intelligent employee in this direction – consult with a recruitment agency or marketing coaches, strategists. Let him formulate his job responsibilities for you taking into account the specifics of the company (perhaps you need not a marketer, but an SMM manager).

Complexity in an increasingly blurry view of the essence and functionality of a marketer. There are digital marketers, trade marketers, SEO optimizers / analysts, SMM marketers, marketing designers, and even marketing managers.

The second secret: in staff or regular consultations

This is also a fundamental point. After the previous paragraph, you either resorted to the help of an agency, or you yourself examined the question of which particular marketer and for what you need.

If the staff of the company, then in your business there are current tasks for the marketer, and new areas that cannot be reached without him. Fulfillment of current tasks will bring the very expected momentary effect (“momentary” is understood depending on the task – the effect is from 1 week to 3 months). Performing current tasks will give you an understanding of the level of competence of a new employee as soon as possible.

The work of a marketer in new directions is the development of your company, the disclosure of its potential, the search for new sales channels, the development of new products. The adequacy of proposals and budgets must be passed through and assessed the preliminary effect of investments (time and money). A new employee may not always have a clear immersion in the specifics of your business, and it is important to adjust proposals both on the budget and on the direction of impact on the target audience.

If it is a consultant and freelancer. You need to understand exactly: everything that this specialist will offer you will need to implement yourself. A good consultant will take an interest in who will carry out what he offers, find out the level of competence of this person, orient him by the deadlines for completing the task, break it into short sprints and regularly remind you of the deadline. You will simply not return to a poor consultant. In general, you should regularly consult with a marketer or marketing consultant or consulting company. At a minimum, a fresh view from the outside, and at the maximum, an experienced marketer already knows examples of performing a similar task either in theory or he has already solved this case in practice.

Secret three: where to look

You have decided on the needs, you know which specialist for which position and with what functionality you are looking for. In addition, you know whether it will be a full-time employee or a freelance freelancer.
We are looking for employees on,, and others on the subject, they are known to you, there is nothing new. Another option is profile communities in the social network in your city. Job search groups, eavesdropping groups, marketing genius style groups or, but only by city or region. To interact with them, make a post on the page of your company and ask to repost your entry in the community of interest (a post can cost money or barter). Employment agencies are often helpful in selecting such a specialist. And one more mechanic that is rarely resorted to is the hunting of specialists from competing companies.

For the selection of freelancers, it is worth adding to the above freelance exchanges,,, and others. One of the very important channels now are social networks – VK, Facebook, Telegram in the specialized groups “vacancies for a distance”, “work for freelancers”. Experts who prepare materials in specialized magazines and on Internet sites are excellently suited. It is worth considering bloggers, who can be found by hashtags in their problems.

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