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How to increase sales using a matrix of products and scripts

Max Shishkin talks about the communication problem between sales managers and customers, explains how it can be overcome with the help of a product matrix and selling scripts
Many business owners have often come across a situation where, after lengthy negotiations with a client, he simply turned around and left without buying a product or service, citing the high cost and something else.Despite the fact that many argue that knowledge of the target audience (CA) does not greatly affect sales, this tool is an effective method of promotion. Knowledge of CA is necessary not only for advertising, but also for successful sales. That is, in addition to the correct scripts, it is important to pay attention to the analysis of potential consumers. This applies even to the moment when the buyer came to ask himself about a specific price.

Consider the situation on the example of one law office. The analysis of negotiations with clients showed the inefficiency of the entire dialogue process. For some reason, despite an active visit to the site, phone calls and negotiations with consumers, few people purchased the service.

The deal turned out to be concluded with only one person out of ten thousand. It turns out that almost ten thousand people who spent time searching for an office on the Internet, dialing a number and dialogue with a manager simply refused to cooperate with this organization, which could be very useful for them (the conversion was 0.01%, which is very small). And what can we say about the affairs of the office itself. A lot of money was spent on advertising, website promotion (because people actively visited it), and as a result of no profit, only losses.

Such situations occur because employees offer absolutely the same thing to everyone and have a conversation in the same tone and style. The manager did not specify the timing of the relevance of the service, information about the scope of the client, the features of organizational processes and so on. Moreover, all potential customers sent the same commercial offer by e-mail.

When the director of the company was clearly demonstrated the inefficiency of such events, he explained this by the impossibility of an individual offer to everyone, since there are many options for resolving issues for clients. It is difficult to take into account and write everything into scripts, and staff training will take a lot of time.

A new method proposed by the director, after a month gave good results. The conversion from 0.01% increased to 1.5%, labor productivity increased 150 times. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to develop the following documents: client classification table, product matrix, scenario of negotiations with the client.

The product matrix is ​​not a simple list of product positions, as many business owners think. This is an effective mechanism that allows you to conclude a deal in 9 cases out of 10.

Customers do not come for your goods and services.

No matter how strange it may sound, the customer is not interested in your product as an independent unit. He had some kind of problem that he wants to solve with the help of one or another acquisition. Therefore, the main thing here is to make the consumer such an offer, which, in his opinion, will help to cope with personal troubles as well as possible.

Price plays an important role. Therefore, it is important to have several options for offers of the same nature at different prices. This will be an excellent mechanism that will satisfy the needs of different customers and make repeat sales.

How to create a matrix

The main thing you should do is to identify one problem that a product or service can solve. Consider the example of a pharmacy. You are the owner and want to sell a universal painkiller (headache, colic and so on). It is necessary to solve the problem of eliminating the pain syndrome. It is necessary to highlight all the drugs that solve the problem. You need to place the goods in ascending order: from free to the most expensive.

Why sell for free and what it will give

Having free products that solves a particular problem is an effective sales method. Such manipulations allow the owner to introduce the consumer to the product, get used to it and, as a result, become a regular customer.

In the case of the pharmaceutical business, this may be an ordinary brochure that promotes treatment with folk remedies. It also indicates the advantages and disadvantages of herbal treatment, for example. A visitor will take a free booklet, study it at home, try the methods indicated in it, and return to the pharmacy to buy medicine for real money. And why? Because folk methods do not help, and pain needs to be eliminated somehow. Moreover, the consumer has a positive opinion about the company, which did not immediately offer to buy expensive drugs, but made it possible to test the free product.

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