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Independent work. How in the regions they solve the problem of a lack of IT specialists

Alexander Bochkin shares his experience in attracting young IT specialists in a small city, tells where to look for qualified personnel and how to learn how to adapt them in a company
The future is very close – the government of the Russian Federation announced this, having approved the program of transition to the digital economy. This happened in 2017, even then there was an acute issue of a lack of qualified IT personnel. Officials plan that the number of graduates of universities and colleges in areas related to innovation and technology will increase to a million people. But this is later, but for now you have to accept the rules of the labor market in the field of IT, where there are more vacancies than responses. Given that by 2024 technological progress will capture all living standards, you have to come up with new approaches to the search and hiring of IT specialists.

Regional syndrome

Colleagues from Moscow also say that there is a crisis, but there this problem is solved more simply. Firstly, they are more likely to move there from small towns and peripherals; secondly, companies in the capital are frankly richer and hanty, offering bonuses that not all regional organizations can afford. Another difficulty, but this is already a special case: we are the only ones in Mordovia who create our own IT solutions. The product that we are working on now is quite complex – it is a system of the process mining class, and it will be difficult for remote employees to delve into the intricacies, so we only consider full-time with the ability to discuss and plan. At some point, it seemed that the ambush was impenetrable from all sides, especially when the company began to expand actively, and did not have enough hands. But partly intuitively, partly relying on the experience of colleagues and our own, we have identified several areas whose development helps not to slow down the growth rate and smooth out the effects of the regional syndrome.

We pump our team

While we are looking for guys for open vacancies, we must not miss the already employed. Therefore, we give priority to an established team. Based on the opinions of developers, we choose tools that accelerate and facilitate processes. If the programmer realizes that he does not have enough experience, he can easily ask to organize participation in an online webinar on the topic or to acquire the necessary literature in the office. As a result, the team develops its skills, plunges deeper into the topic, and we get the necessary competencies and loyal employees.

Company based internships

They didn’t come to this right away, but the approach proved itself on the positive side. Who is better than practitioners to talk about slim code, bugs and other chips of the IT world? No one. Therefore, we took as a basis the experience of world-famous corporations and, by analogy, created a kind of training center based on the company. Before the internship, the guys perform a simple test task. If everything worked out, we invite you to a paid internship. Double profit for beginners: knowledge and salary. For us – trained, tested on real tasks colleagues.


This is a practice from the past that fits perfectly into the regional realities of selection and training. Sometimes guys come with a good base, but with a lack of practical knowledge. We do not cut off our shoulders, a probationary period is provided, during which the beginner has a mentor, mentor. Open to dialogue, able to deploy code and point out errors, suggest what knowledge is missing. So a student of a pedagogical university got to our work, he will be a physical education teacher after graduation. In fact, his education has no relation to our sphere. But the man showed an excellent level of materiel, pumped skills under the guidance of a mentor, and now – in the state, he successfully implements tasks.

Collaboration with universities

As a rule, there are specialized departments in the home region of any IT company. Of course, it takes time to build relationships with educational institutions. But according to my observations, universities are very interested in dialogue, their status increases with the number of students invited to work. Therefore, our specialists actively attend lectures to get to know each other. We organize excursions in the office of the company, hold round tables. The plans are to take part in the defense of theses, where you can see talented children who were shy or could not get to the meetings organized as part of cooperation with universities.


If to hunt, then wisely. The level of salaries in the IT sector in our region is approximately the same, the difference is insignificant. Therefore, in priority:
A management form based on mutual respect and trust. We decide everything together, we give the opportunity to speak out and offer ideas. There is also the right to make mistakes; they learn from mistakes;
We pay for additional training: online webinars, fill the office library;
Office in the city center;
Comfort, full provision of the working area, organized lunch delivery;
Lounge with board games, console, kicker and free coffee.
This is not know-how, but for the region, there are definitely competitive advantages.

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