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How HR can enhance corporate learning

Many companies arrange corporate training, but not everyone gets the result that was dreamed of. And the point is not always the negligence of a contractor who teaches somehow. Sometimes low efficiency is the result of passivity of the HR department. Irina Raznatovskaya shares her experience and tells how good HR can affect employee motivation and what needs to be done
What does HR have to do with it?

Our school is not only engaged in individual English lessons. We have launched 1,500 corporate training programs in companies and by the end of this year there will be twice as many. After seeing and evaluating the results of thousands of our employees and students, we noticed that corporate clients have two different approaches to employee development. Companies start training employees in different business processes, and their results vary.

In order to compare these processes, we need to first look at the role that the involvement of all participants in the training plays. What does the student do? He agrees on a schedule and learns. What does the company do? Provides educational services. In our case, not only lessons as such, but also an entire ecosystem of educational products for learning English. What does HR do? He selects a contractor, negotiates terms and starts training. And here lies the subtlety. If HR participation ends there, learning outcomes can be much worse. More specifically, it is almost twice worse.

Two approaches to staff development

How do approaches to “pumping” employees across organizations differ? In the first option, HR agrees with the contractor to begin training and goes about his business. And in the scheme of study, only the student and the company remain. The student has to overcome all obstacles on his own, he tries to organize his time and maintain motivation. And this is not easy, especially for busy adults.

Of course, we try to make learning interesting and practically useful, it is important for us to check whether the knowledge gained is being fixed in memory. But still, if the company is on the first path, only 45% of students achieve a result and increase their level for the course. That is, more than half of the students do not achieve the planned result.

What does this mean for the company? First of all, an excess of the budget. After all, if the student did not pass the level for 70 lessons, then the organization will have to pay for additional classes. You should not write off the student’s demotivation as well – if he has not reached the finish line on time, he needs to find somewhere additional incentives. The result is a loss of time, money and employee interest.

But we have clients where success is achieved not by 45%, but by 80% of students. What happens in such companies? These are organizations where the HR department is actively involved in the process, and not just starts training and moves aside.

Three components of motivation

American scientists investigated the reason for the expulsion of students at universities and tried to find out what is the reason: in the shortcomings of the program or in the low motivation of students? It turned out that 80% of the result depends on how much the student himself is determined to study. What are the most common motivational problems?

There are only three of them:
A student cannot motivate himself. Especially when it comes to long-term training. And if in the first weeks he can still say to himself, “Well done, I learned 10 new words,” then in a couple of months the fuse will dry up.
A person needs a very conscious approach to learning, that is, to understand why he needs it, how his life will change if he takes a course and when to wait for results.
It is important for the student to understand that he does this not only for himself, but also for the company. The more an employee wants to show himself and be successful within the company, the more he has an interest in learning.
Therefore, it is so important for management and eychars to praise employees who are being trained, give them feedback and show how language skills can change their careers. In all of us, external evaluation is very important in training. Therefore, the role of HR in the process of corporate education is very large – only they can properly praise employees, set goals for them and demonstrate that self-development of employees is important for the whole organization.

How can HR affect the outcome?

Is there a way to track in advance what will happen to the employee’s motivation, turn on in time and help him? Over the course of our work, a huge amount of data has been collected for each lesson, each student’s action, each teacher, and together with our “star companies”, analysts and product experts, we developed a report on engagement.

To begin with, we identified four key actions that are necessary to achieve a result:
Class attendance.
Work with a mobile application for memorizing new words.
It turned out a kind of “wheel of success.” The more successful HR spins this wheel, the higher the employee’s results.

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