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“Come to us to be treated …” – features of the promotion of medical services

Medical topics are one of the most difficult areas in Internet marketing. The point here is not only the nuances of promotion, but also that it is closely related to the legal regulation of issues in the field of medical services. Ekaterina Hindikainen, Product Owner of Rookee Service, talks about how to succeed in promoting medical sites for the benefit of people and without breaking the law
Before starting the standard promotion process, it is necessary to prepare, taking into account some features of working with medical sites: be sure to make the patient’s consent form on the site for the placement and processing of personal data. On medical sites, an electronic form for recording procedures for entering personal data is common. Leaving such an application, the patient must agree to the processing of data.

Place on the site not only the official name, location and mode of operation of the medical organization, but also a license to carry out medical activities with a complete list of permitted activities, as well as the name of the organization that issued the license.

Publish a complete list of doctors with photos and information about education, a schedule for their admission, as well as information about government guarantees for medical activities. Narrow medical information is also required to be posted on the site, regardless of the profile of the provision of services.

Use only copyrighted content on the site, including images and photographs. Illegal copying of any content can result in high fines. Even when posting a photograph of a healthcare provider, you must obtain his consent to publish.

In short, these are the main legal nuances that must be taken into account when creating and promoting a site with medical services. Let’s move on to the practice of promotion.

Step 1. From alpha to omega – select keywords, considering the smallest details

In any subject, the selection of sya (semantic core) is the basis of the foundations. The better and more accurate it is selected, the greater the audience coverage will be at the output. The semantics of the site of the medical clinic are based on three pillars, which are important to work out to the maximum:

Names of diseases and symptoms. The more diseases you cover, the better. The main thing is that these diseases respond to treatment through the efforts of your valiant specialists.

Examples of queries: “stomach pain”, treatment of gastritis “,” symptoms of gastritis “,” how to treat stomach pain. ”

Direction of treatment / names of specialists. The construction of this cluster should be based on the list of services and the list of specialists who carry them out. We add near-profile queries and synonyms here and get a fully covered category.

Examples of queries: “gynecology”, “gynecologist services”, “make an appointment with the gynecologist” + adding geo-dependent words, for example, “gynecologist in Moscow”.

Other clinic services. We include auxiliary activities here – analyzes, diagnostic procedures, narrow-profile operations, and so on.

Examples of queries: “blood biochemistry”, “pass a biochemical blood test” + adding geo-dependent words, for example, “biochemistry in Moscow”.

An example of a group implementation on a site:

Also, semantics should include brand queries (the name of the clinic), plus broad queries, such as: “dentistry clinic”, “multidisciplinary medical center” and so on.

Step 2. “I will cure my throat inexpensively” – how to write medical texts?

Without high-quality and unique textual content on the site, search engines will not advance to the top of search results. Of course, there are quite a few copywriting exchanges – I don’t want to order text. But the difficulty with them lies in the fact that medical texts should be 100% reliable and should not mislead the reader a bit. Ideally, the texts should be written (at least edited) by a medical professional or a person with a medical education.

What else is important to consider when writing texts on a medical site:
All information should be supported by official sources or publications. No artistic embellishment – only bare facts;
Despite the abundance of facts and theory, texts for service pages should remain “selling”, that is, attractive to a potential client, contain the advantages of the procedure, the benefits, and so on;
All information should be unambiguously perceived by any person. An abundance of literary turns cannot be used in medical texts, thereby eroding the meaning;
Accompany complex materials with graphic elements: charts, tables, images – all this is welcome and greatly facilitates the perception of professional terms and statistics.
Step 3. “Doctor, we are losing him!”, Or How to convince the patient to come to you?

Even well-designed semantics on the site may not lead to an increase in actual patient requests. Let’s see what is the reason?

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