Advice for a director who received a tax interrogation subpoena
Gleb Shevchenko gives advice to company directors on how to behave during interrogation at the tax office and on which aspects of the legislation to pay special attention to The…

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The first 100 days of the leader. Walkthrough Recommendations
To successfully complete the initial period of work (the first 100 days) of the head in a new position, we give a number of recommendations. 1. Accept business. If a…

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Bankruptcy Prosecution Risks
Ilya Sazonov lists the crimes that could be committed during the bankruptcy procedure and describes the possible risks of criminal prosecution for entrepreneurs The bankruptcy procedure itself is completely legal;…

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Slogans, slogans, words for your business training

I bring to the attention of the public who wants to earn rubles, their rhymed strings used at different times. Indeed, for the sake of the red words, customers rush to the catcher!

More attention to personality in the name of rustling cash!

Who understands the meaning of a masterpiece, has dollars and euros.

Be observant as Proust, then you will hear a bucks crunch!

Normality – there is a road to nowhere. Be “strange” – and the Client will suddenly say “YES!”.

Submit any reports to the IFTS and funds via the Internet in 5 minutes

Living in the world is very sad without margin and without Art!

It’s time to understand for a long time: the basis of business is a game!

In a whirlwind of creative rage, a sale is made!

Imagine yourself a hero, and we will dig profits in the garden!

Today is Carlson, tomorrow is Don Giovanni, if only money would pour into your pocket!

Entrepreneurs no longer need an accountant!
Automated system for reporting, calculating taxes and salaries, billing and acts.
Instead of “tightening the nuts”, take care of memorizing the tales!

For business of any kind, profit is more important – freedom!

Today, the winner is the one who knows the best joke!

Emotions are a source of money! And therefore – running to the training!

Do not interfere with beer and vodka; do not interfere with life with wiring.

One of the characteristic features – we have a race, then a concert!

The outcome of the game is unclear, but by that it is beautiful!

Want to become a significant figure? Enjoy the business procedure.

Hold the necessary price for sufficient margin!

Extravagant approaches promise considerable income!

One of the modern truths: lucky is the one who is selfless!

No quality system is possible without gimmick!

Then only we are needed when we know how to be gentle!

Please be nice – and maybe avoid the abyss.

There are many intonations in life. Feel free to change!

Seminar visiting sell positive!

Comrade, take a moment: art has become a tool!

Incomprehensible to the mind, there is a thread from Hamlet to Mum.

The balance of fantasy and meaning – here is the rocker art!

On the edge of any instruction chestnuts and nasturtiums bloom.

You cannot describe with an algorithm a life saturated with rhythm.

Today there is a demand for your ear, throat, nose! And also to other parts necessary for happiness!

Accumulate tricks and tricks for daily training!

Any of us in Jung’s life is not yet aware of Jung!

When mastering new concepts, do not forget contraception!

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