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How to choose a cashier for an online store

Nikolay Nikolaev tells how entrepreneurs on various taxation systems choose the right cash desk for their online store
Starting July 1, 2017, every entrepreneur who accepts payments online must fiscalize them in real time. At the same time, entrepreneurs working on a simplified taxation system can transfer general tax information in a check, for example, the order number, without specifying its composition. Legal entities on the simplified tax system or the main taxation system are obliged to transfer the entire order on a check in position.

The obligation to fiscalize all payments applies to retailers who have an additional online payment channel. Sometimes entrepreneurs, whose retail outlet works for UTII, mistakenly believe that they do not need a cash desk for online payments, because money already goes to a current account and tax is paid from them. In fact, even when working with a patent or the simplified tax system, when you pay online, the buyer needs to send it immediately.

Our company has been operating in the online box office market for three years now – we have been developing cash register applications, we offer flexible, customizable solutions for a wide variety of tasks: online trading, retail outlets, courier services and so on. The owners of online stores often turn to us, and we see that not every entrepreneur is familiar with all the nuances of cash legislation. Meanwhile, the right choice of a cash solution for an online store can significantly reduce the cost of fiscalizing payments. Based on our own experience and successful cases of our customers, we have collected in this article all the tips for choosing a cashier for online payments.

How online fiscalization works

Depending on how active online sales are, you can use one of two approaches to fiscalizing payments.

Fully Automated Solution

In this case, cash register software integrates directly with the payment form on the site. The form instructs the checkout to fiscalize the document and send the check to the buyer’s email. Customer email is a required attribute, without which you cannot accept payments online.

Manual fiscalization

If the seller has very few online sales and is not ready to pay for the integration of such a service, you can get by with a regular cash desk (smart terminal or tablet with cash register software), which in any case is connected to a CRM or ERP system. For each purchase, the operation “Generate check” is manually selected, the check is generated manually from the catalog and sent to the buyer’s email.

Some online stores and services send checks after a few days. Most likely, they with some periodicity process immediately a large array of orders. The law obliges to issue or send a check to the client at the time of payment, if there is such a technical possibility. But at the same time, you can submit data to the OFD within a month after payment.

I recommend reporting for the receipt of money immediately, so that both the buyer and the seller have the opportunity to confirm the fact of purchase. The client may challenge the debit from the card for the goods or services received if the check has not been issued. He can justify his position by saying that the card and phone were stolen, he did not make a payment and he does not have a document confirming the purchase.

Cash desk for online sales

Cash desk for online sales is a small device connected to the Internet. It can be located both in the seller’s office and in the data center of the service provider. The device receives data from the site, generates a check, sends it to the OFD, and a copy to the client’s email address.

It can also be a regular CCP, which prints paper checks. In this case, it is necessary to install software on it that will interact with the site as described above.

How to enable fiscalization for online payments

To begin with, any online store should choose a payment service provider. It is recommended to look at acquiring rates here: they vary from 2 to 3.5%. For online payments, they are higher than for physical ones – online is more likely to fraud.

Then, a form for accepting payments is installed on the site, which is integrated with the cash application. There are some nuances that depend on the platform of the online store itself.

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