business fragmentation

What is profitable for small businesses: three life hacks from an entrepreneur
Denis Martynov talks about promising niches for the development of small business in Russia, within the framework of which today it is possible to build an effective business: from various…

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What threatens “business fragmentation”: consequences and risks
Sergey Bragin lists the main consequences of “business fragmentation” and explains how to avoid common mistakes All that is not forbidden is allowed - such a postulate has been enshrined…

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The humanistic revolution in management: what distinguishes winners
Dmitry Trepolsky describes the problem of low employee involvement in the work process and lists 8 trends that help to increase the level of labor productivity in the company Recent…

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Avoid “lack of money”, or How Vanya regulated finances in his company

Advertising works at a loss, managers sell poorly, salaries eat up profits, income is spent on debt distribution, money is frozen in a warehouse or in a receivable. It may seem that everything is individual in every business, but in fact there are only two reasons:
Finances are mismanaged.
The company really earns little.
The first reason I often analyze in my articles. And in the second, Vanya will help us understand today. Meet me! Continue reading

How to beat off a raider attack using forensic PR

Since a raider seizure is almost always framed as a dispute between business entities, it immediately becomes clear that it is impossible without the participation of corrupt lawyers, security officials or judges. There is even such a bitter joke in business that our courts have turned into a sphere of commercial activity. Continue reading

OKR through Hero Travel Metaphor

At the initial explanation of what OKR is, sometimes I hear bewilderment – what is the advantage of setting goals for short periods, is this not a sign of shortsightedness. And what is the value of team planning and retrospectives, after all, everything is clear. Here is a goal for the year, for example, on revenue. A clear, understandable figure that is directly related to business value. Continue reading

“The Devil in the Details,” or Business Shredding Litigation

Paying as little taxes as possible and spending as little as possible on these goals is a completely understandable and natural desire for a merchant. Entrepreneurial businessmen come up with every second and try to implement a lot of schemes to minimize tax payments. Some of them can be realized with varying degrees of success, while others remain only “gymnastics for the mind” and do not live to the stage of implementation. Continue reading

“The auditor is coming to us!”, Or the reasons why the tax will come to the company with a check

The effectiveness of tax audits conducted by the tax inspectorate since 2011 has tripled from 33%! She almost became 100%. At the same time, the number of inspections decreased by 3.4 times. What is this talking about? If efficiency has increased, and the number has decreased, then the average cost of verification, the amount of additional charges increased. And according to the tax inspection, for field tax audits for 2018, the amount amounted to 24.8 million rubles from one enterprise. Continue reading

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Called for interrogation to the tax: go or not?
Andrei Shvetsov explains what to do if you or your employees were summoned for questioning by the tax office: is it worth going or sending a representative and is it…


“Dead season” in fitness - experience of overcoming the World Gym network
Olga Kiseleva tells how the fitness center can overcome the season of the “dead season”, explains where to look for ideas and why you should not abuse “hot” offers Business…


What business transactions may seem suspicious to the bank
In the past year, cases of blocking the settlement accounts of legal entities occur more and more often. Especially among companies related to small and medium-sized businesses. Alexey Fedorov, Deputy…


“The Invisible Leader,” or Why Should Someone Follow You?
Dmitry Trepolsky gives advice to top managers on effective communication within the work team, gives examples of real situations Effective leadership is often identified with excellence. How justified is this…